The Moose Jaw Podiatry Clinic offers many treatments and products for foot and lower limb conditions of all kinds. We treat and assess many foot and lower limb conditions including:

– Neurologic and Vascular Screening for Diabetics
– Diabetic Foot Care
– Wound Care

General Nail Care
–  Ingrown Nails
–  Plantar Warts
–  Fungal Nails

General Foot Care
–  Athlete’s Foot
–  Calluses and Corns

Biomechanical Assessments
–  Arch Pain
–  Knee Pain
–  Radiating Pain- Morton’s Neuroma
–  Bunions
–  Flat Feet
–  Orthotics (Custom-Made)

–  Paediatric Foot Care
–  Minor Surgical Interventions